One of the things I’m trying to do is to provide outlets for people with disabilities to sell their wares. There are many people with disabilities who are very talented. They make jewelry. They make items out of glass. They knit. They paint. They sculpt. They are way more talented than I am.

I’m doing this at the Media Farmer’s Market. We have a young lady, Ellie, who brings her jewelry every week to the market. She does have a regular job, but takes off every Thursday to come to the market. I’d like to think that she enjoys this which is why she comes. She is out in the fresh air and is meeting and interacting with people in the community. This is a big plus.

And she sells her unique, hand-made jewelry and makes money. This is also a plus.

I’ve made this offer to come to the market to others, but so far, Ellie is the only person to come. This is a great opportunity. And the idea can be expanded to a storefront business or a co-op of other craftsmen (and women).

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